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Spring Show 2007

"Thanks for the Memories"

The Chorus Looked Great!
We call these red vests our 'Waiter' outfits
"By the Beautiful Sea"

Fantastic Guest Quartets

Sweet Adelines Region 12 Medalists
InFusion: Kathy Hebert, Chris Jacobs, Kim Alt, Harriet Feltman
Notice how their hats make up for the differences in height
Lipschtick comedy quartet: Fran Tucker, Jan Propert, Judie Wykoff, Kathy Triolo

We Showcase our chapter quartets

We'll travel 'round from town to town
Sound Judgment hams it up
Just a bunch of happy fellas
They love to entertain
Under the Boardwalk
Treblemaker 5 wows the doo-wop fans
The better half?
Sound Judgment Version II

Our Grand Finale
Don't they look handsome in those tuxedos!
"We'll Meet Again"

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