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Installation Dinner - January 9th, 2004
Brentwood Steak House
South San Francisco

Officers Were Sworn In

Proud to serve, again!
Tom Addison, Dave Jungroth, Dick Boyd, Tom Dickerman, Dave McCann, Burt Press, Jack Lewellyn, Alice Bollard, and Arnie Miller. Past Director Jim Bryant did the honors.

Awards Were Presented

You should have seen him as mean old Mr. Moneybags in the 2003 Spring Melodrama
Mike Devitt was Barbershopper of the Year, but he wasn't there to pick up his award, so Josh Ryan did it for him.
A real up and comer!
Tony Pistilli is Rookie of the Year

Chapter Quartets Entertained

They're the biggest quartet in the chapter, in more ways than one!
Sound Judgment gang sings I'm Sittin' on Top of the World
Where was their lead, Mike Devitt?
Jim and Tonics - Josh Ryan, Jim Bryant substituting on Lead, Owen Doyle, Jim Saunders
Hello, Mary Lou
Boys R Us - Joe Thibodeau, Dave McCann, Tom Dickerman, Ted Pappas
Can they even see in those ridiculous sunglasses?
Sound Judgment V1.0 - Tom Addison, Pat Goulding, Owen Doyle, Dave Stone sing I'm Beginning to See the Light
They still can't find their lead
Jim and Tonics (almost) - Josh Ryan, Roy Yost, Owen Doyle, Jim Saunders
Dave really likes to sing
Chapter President Dave McCann joins in as Director Alice Bollard leads us in a polecat
It's Pete's favorite song
Sound Judgment V2.0 - Tony Pistilli, Pat Goulding, Gary Scalice, Pete Wanger sing Bright Was the Night

Members Enjoyed a Delightful Evening

Prettiest smile of the evening
Julia and Don Miller
Delphie is the light of Dick's life
Owen Doyle, Dick Boyd and Delphie

Big Stories Were Shared

There I was, diving from five thousand feet...
Keynote Speaker, Jim Bryant, with President, Dave McCann
Tony is glad he's not a baritone
Pete Wanger, Tony Pistilli and Dave Jungroth share the latest baritone joke

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