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Installation Dinner - January 11th, 2003
San Mateo Elks Lodge

Raise your right hand...
Dave McCann, Tom Addison, Arnie Miller, Tom Dickerman
...and repeat after me
Jack Lewellyn, Dave Jungroth
Totally in harmony
Director Alice Bollard and Keynote Speaker Rob Campbell
Totally surprised!
Barbershopper of the Year, Pete Wanger
Like the new coats?
Our resident quartet serenaded: Sound Judgment
Are these guys old or what!
The Docs have a go at it
Ted is the best looking girl in the chorus
Mary and Ted Pappas enjoy dinner
Fran is the best looking girl not in the chorus
Pete Wanger and Fran Tucker enjoy each other
Gary is an ineligible bachelor
Gary Scalice, Marlys and Dave Jungroth
Mike is our class clown
Jim Saunders, Mike Devitt and Tom Dickerman
Tom Addison was taking the pictures
Dave and Kathleen McCann, Kathleen Addison
Treasurer Arnie is worried about paying the bill for this dinner
Ralph Behling, Eugene Peterson and Arnie Miller

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