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Fall Halloween Cabaret - October 18, 2003
Holy Cross Church, Belmont

Our Guests Came in Costume

Raggedy Andy

Boy Boxer

Circus Clown

We Came in Costume

He's as old as Yoda, too.
Jim Saunders as Yoda
The Spittin' Image
Dick Boyd as W.C. Fields
Pretty Scary!
Don Miller as The Ghost of Halloweens Past
Ted is always the prettiest girl in the chorus
Best looking couple, Ted Pappas and Mike Devitt
Worst looking single, Josh Ryan
Does that Croc bite?
Pat Goulding - Crocodile Hunter

And We All Sang Our Hearts Out!

There's a proud Dad in this picture.  His son is a Taquito!
Rock Street, our guest quartet, brought along The Taquitos to steal the show
They're from Marin County
The Buskers entertain our diners
Most creative costumes
The Jim and Tonics test the sound system
Our Traditional Closing
At the close of the show, we invite ALL the men in the audience to join us in singing God Bless America

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